Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today is an unusual day! This is Marcus' third nap and my opportunity to do something useful with my time... So I started a new load of laundry, changed the bed sheets and went on a short walk around my neighbourhood to collect street garbage. I took Bob with me in the hopes that he will do his afternoon business, which would mean killing two birds with one stone. 

Musti-tasking is one thing I learned to do after having my first child... I guess, every first-time mom discovers a whole new meaning of this term. For example, I thought I was multi-tasking having my lunch while going through and responding to business emails. Now, it's more like feeding Marcus while doing laundry, cooking, addressing business emails, and attempting to get to my already cold lunch. Each day consists of similar strings of seemingly endless tasks.

Sometimes, the stress of it all gets to me. It makes me wonder: is this all there is to life? Waking, changing, feeding, cleaning, cooking, washing- the sequence repeating itself several times a day- and bed time... The good old be grateful for what you have enters my mind, but doesn't seem to do anything for my psyche. 

And then at times like today, when strings of tasks are shorter and there is more time to rest, I find joy in the routine activities like interacting with my son, walking my dog, and cooking for my husband. Even picking up neighbours' trash felt good!

So maybe, this is the answer. Maybe, if I focus on one thing at a time and allow myself to enjoy it, the life will appear more satisfying, fulfilled.

[It has now been about twenty minutes since Marcus awoke and it's time to start dinner, finish laundry, and pretty up in time for my husband's return. Ah, juggling I go again!] 

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