Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting Started

How naive of me to expect a day of calm to write my first post?! After all, I'm a mom with a 4-month-old and a pug with a larger-than-life attitude. And a husband, who relies on me to take care of our precious and the household, in general. [As I finish this sentence, Marcus turns in his baby swing, which is clearly too small for a boy in the 98.6 percentile for height, 78.8 percentile for weight, and 100 percentile for cranial perimeter. The swing squeaks.]

Actually, today is a relatively hustle-free day. I don't have any mortgage or insurance deals to work on (oh yes, I also work part-time as a mortgage and insurance agent) and both my boys are napping peacefully. Later on, I plan on hitting the gym and then taking Bob and Marcus on a stroll to a nearby park. Since agreeable weather is rather rare in Alberta, I like to take full advantage of warm sunny days. 

And later... Later, I will be concocting a celebratory dinner in my husband's name- today is his birthday and the last day of the work week, both of which are worth commemorating! A few weeks ago, he expressed a desire for a real Japanese katana, and any time now, a hand forged and clay tempered custom sword should be delivered directly from Japan. 

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