Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Judgement

There has been a time- and it has been at least four years since- when I made a conscious effort to think positively and avoid quick judgement. And even though I felt empowered and more focused than ever, the latter proved harder to accomplish. Fast forward to today- and the ease with which I hand out judgement is almost embarrassing... 

Why do I judge? Do I draw some sort of ill enjoyment out of it? Quite the opposite: my conscience cringes every time I vocalize my disapproval of someone's behaviour or a circumstance. Is it somehow vital to a full, satisfying life? The lingering thought of being unchristian and unkind hardly defines fulfillment or satisfaction. The thesaurus offers such synonyms to judgement as awareness, comprehension, ingenuity, knowledge, etc. Do I believe I am infinitely aware, know and comprehend the truth?! Boy, if this is correct, I must be one in a million- a  boundlessly smart and gifted cookie! 

But I'm not... And at 27, my limited life experience is hardly adequate to understand the people and circumstances I so often cast judgement on. So why do I do it? Some say, bias is our way to make sense of the limited nature of information. That could be... or could be a convenient excuse for unacceptable behaviour.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: judge not, that you be not judged. A simple truth that cannot be disputed and that has to, will, remain on the forefront of my consciousness. What's more is that being non-judgmental goes hand in hand with being positive- and if nothing else, it will keep me sane on days of complete disarray and chaos.

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