Saturday, December 14, 2013


Caught in a chaotic dance, an army of snowflakes surrounded sleepy homes on a quiet street. Seemingly disobedient, they bowed to their only master- an unwelcome transient with a heart of murky ice and ruffled hair of bare maple branches. Marching on a lonely road, he dragged along an ancient trunk packed full of wind and dark thoughts. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. His heavy feet pronounced his presence, impregnating all with fear and anguish, shattering hope and instilling despair.

As I looked out the window, weakened by a string of recent findings on the broken essence of modern healthcare, present food production and the contemporary financial system, the world of darkness reflected back upon me. The very view of the frozen valley that once mesmerized seemed irrelevant in the desperate struggle to grasp human nature. Outraged by the reckless and downright criminal actions of politicians, corporate executives and billionaire philanthropists, I transgressed into a forbidden mental state of doldrums, rendered impotent to express myself in literary or culinary arts. 

Forsaken by the muses, I searched inwards for mere specks of inspiration until two pools of peaceful blue were before me. Profound yet clear, they called upon lost souls in need of refuge- a place to rest, reflect and resurrect- calm warm waters spilling over the aching feet, washing away fatigue and restoring spiritual strength. Deep wounds beginning to heal, it was time to carry on... Renewed and inspirited, I marveled at the mystical visit, resolved to one day repay for the quiet compassion bestowed upon me. And then I realized, I was looking into my son's eyes...     

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