Sunday, October 20, 2013



Total Cost: Unspecified
Total Preparation Time: 40 min

I blew it! Tonight's post was supposed to be about another meal for under five dollars, but for better or for worse, I failed to weigh the ingredients and consequentially, was unable to break down the cost... 

The blunder must have resulted from several hours of unpacking and cleaning earlier in the day. A week after moving into the new house, I found myself stumbling over cardboard boxes and luggage compacted with clothes, linens, towels and toiletries. It was time to get organized and declutter, so I worked tirelessly while the hairy head napped peacefully.

In addition to forgetting to weight the ingredients, I neglected to time the cooking process, which can legitimately be blamed on the handsome fellow I happened to be talking to on the phone- my husband. Just as when we first met in April of 2010, he still can get my blood flowing, causing me to get lost in space and time.

Somehow, however, as if in anticipation of a double blunder, I took numerous photos of each stage of cooking and can therefore share them here. I began with quartering mini potatoes and mushrooms and arranging them on a sheet of aluminum foil. On top, I laid a few slices of butter and sprinkled all with rosemary, black pepper and unprocessed sea salt. 

Once the oven heated up to 425°, I covered all with another piece of foil and threw it in to bake for 25 minutes. In that time, I dried previously thawed chicken thighs with a few pieces of paper towel and sat them aside to slice half an onion to stir-fry in coconut oil together with my chicken.

The beauty of chicken is that it cooks quickly and can therefore be served in record time. Pork and fish are other examples of animal food alternatives for rapid meals. Once the thighs slightly browned, I added onions and spices (dried green and red Bell peppers, black pepper and salt). 

Within minutes, I was able to cover the frying pan with a lid and reduce the heat to low. The chicken continued cooking for 15 more minutes, up until the time the potatoes and mushrooms were ready. For added flavour and visual appeal, I uncovered, sprinkled with local white cheddar cheese and broiled them for five more minutes.

Everything looked and smelled delicious and was ready to be served. After arranging potatoes and chicken, I added a few vine tomatoes and mini cucumbers. Come to think of it, the entire meal was cooked in line with potatoes that took 40 minutes to bake and broil. Voila!

Today might have been hectic, but I look forward to living in a more organized, cleaner space. Perhaps, the newly acquired cleanliness will transpire into a clearer thought process and fewer laps in memory...   

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