Sunday, September 8, 2013

On Writing a Book

Someday, I might write a book. The thought came to me numerous times throughout my life- and on a few occasions, I attempted to fulfill this rather common fantasy, but the writing process stopped almost as soon as it started. It seems, the desire to write or any other passionate outburst I experienced is like a pilot light in the gas fireplace- burning modestly until the switch is turned on and a full-blown fire rises out of nowhere, only to subside as soon as the switch is off. 

Perhaps, it has to do with not knowing for certain what the book should be about. I have many interests and lived through varying experiences, so determining the contents of the next national best seller is a challenge, to say the least. Then at times, I feel like a major life event has to occur in order to justify writing. The last two books I heard of were written by two women, one of whom lost a husband and another's son was diagnosed with a severe case of Autism. Not something I have or would ever dream of experiencing! But that too should not deter one from laying out his/her life's story on a clean sheet of paper. The life coach I had the privilege to be mentored by a few years ago once said that everyone has something to say, even if it is solely for the purpose of self-reflecting and self-healing.

I guess, I should backtrack a little... Although I never identified myself with people whose life's passion was clearly determined from the beginning (in fact, I was always kindly envious of them), I did develop a few very strong interests, any one of which could become the primary base for a book. Like health and nutrition. To me, HEALTH is of PARAMOUNT importance, since it is our single most important and valuable asset, which strongly correlates with the foods we consume or choose to avoid. Lately, I have, however, been learning that to many this correlation is still not evident, although science has proved otherwise time and time again.

Another interest emerged as soon as I had my son. The topics of parenting all of a sudden became relevant and increasingly fascinating. I now had THE chance to raise a man who is healthy, compassionate, thoughtful, and smart. The kind who would make the world a better place, who through independent thinking will stand his ground and not yield to the crowd, yet who would be admired and loved for his sympathetic, non-judgmental nature. Parenting is a tough yet welcome challenge. Thousands, if not millions, of books have been written on the topic; still, every parent comes with a unique perspective and an ever-expanding set of skills, which warrants more literature on raising children.

Sometimes, I also feel like a book can only be written if it contains a healthy dose of inspirational material. But what galvanizes one is a shapeless unit of information to the other. A rather short life's story might not seem invigorating to the one living it, yet captivate an inadvertent passer-by who just happened to have met you one day.

Maybe, this book should not be about just one thing, but touch on all of the aspects that made me the woman that I am. Perhaps, describing and analyzing my experiences will bring a new perspective into my life, teach me something I did not know about myself or provide clarity as to what my future might be dedicated to. Maybe, someone other than the author and the closest of relatives and friends gets a hold of it and becomes outraged or finds peace and justification to his/her own way of life. I simply will not know until I start writing and I SHOULD start writing. After all, I have been drawn to it since early childhood, scribbling short stories and poems in my diaries and composing lyrics to own few songs. And if nothing else, I will practice the art of expression through a written word- my ultimate WORST CASE SCENARIO.

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